The consulate can provide certification in the following matters:

  • Signature authentication: The authenticity of the signature of the person appearing is confirmed, the person / an authorized representative of a legal person must provide the signature in front of the consular officer or declare it on a document for his own.
  • Authentication of a copy: The original must be presented to the consular officer.
  • Certification of a translation: certification of the translation by a translator
  • Life certificate, data comparison: Via a Hungarian citizen to a Hungarian authority (e.g. pension fund)


You only can request signature authentication and a certification of a copy and a translation by a prior appointment via our online appointment booking system:


Please pay attention, in each case of authentication only one copy may be issued directly. In the case of a request for the certification of several documents or several copies of a document, we will send the additional certified copies within 24 hours (after paying the postage costs) by post.


The consular section can only certify the Hungarian / German / English / French / Italian translations.


For life certificate please make an appointment for Proof of being alive:


If you want to prove the authenticity of a Hungarian document abroad, you do not need a consular attestation, but an apostille attestation. This is not issued by the consul, but by the competent Hungarian authority (Ministry of Foreign and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Justice or Chamber of Notaries).


If you want to prove the authenticity of a certificate from Switzerland, the authorities in Switzerland are responsible:


The consular departments are not responsible for issuing apostille certifications. Furthermore, the consular section of Hungary in Bern is not responsible for diplomatic over-authentication because both Switzerland and Liechtenstein have signed the Apostille Agreement.