If you request the deregistration your Hungarian address or want to report the change of address to your foreign address, you can only do it in person by making an appointment via our online appointment booking system:



If you want to deregistrate your Hungarian address please make an appointment for Declaration for settlement abroad. If you want to report the change of address please make appointment for Address changes.


If you register your current address in Switzerland, you do not have to cancel your Hungarian home address immediately. According to Hungarian regulations, there is no legal deadline for Hungarian citizens to report that they are permanently settling abroad.The fastest way to deregister is either through the customer portal of the central administration or in the civil office (Okmányiroda) of the last place of residence in Hungary. A new identification card with the registrated address will be printed out with note "Foreign address" on it.


The following documents are required:


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that deregistering your residence in Hungary will affect your right to vote as a Hungarian citizen. Hungarians residing abroad can vote in the Hungarian parliamentary elections by prior postal registration and give their vote to candidates on the party list, but not to individual direct candidates. More information can be found at www.nvi.hu.



As soon as changes occur in your personal data (e.g. change of name, change in marital status, change of residence abroad), we ask you to report immediately.

To deregister minors, both parents must appear in person and according to the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code: § 4: 152 (5), (6) PTK give their consent.