You can only make an appointment for Identity card (e-SZIG) using the following link:


We kindly ask our dear Clients - until further notice - to bring along one color, passport sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm photo, which meets the ICAO specifications.


The prerequisite for the application is that the personal details of the applicant are actively recorded in the Hungarian electronic personal register with the current data. In terms of name and marital status, there must be no discrepancy between the registered and requested information. If there is a difference in marital status, please make an appointment for Registration of marriage/civil partnership and/or registration of divorce + passport (over 18 age). If there is a difference in the birth name please make an appointment for Change of name.


The application can only be made personally. It cannot be submitted by proxy. The application can be made regardless of the expiry date of the old identity card.


The following documents are required:


  • Optionally, one of the following personal identification documents:

valid or within a year expired identity card,

valid Hungarian passport,

valid Hungarian driving license in card format,

valid foreign document for personal identification (passport, driver's license, identity card),

  • Hungarian residential address card
  • The original Hungarian birth certificate or a copy
  • Hungarian marriage certificate / divorce decree, etc. to determine the name
  • Hungarian tax card and health card (TAJ), if available
  • Hungarian diploma in case of doctoral degree or Hungarian diploma of foreign doctoral degree


Upon request, two people to be notified and their telephone numbers can be entered in an emergency.


For minors under the age of 14

If both parents exercise custody, they must appear in person and sign the application form (please bring a valid passport or a valid ID card of both parents), or you need a declaration of consent from the absent parent and a copy of the passport or ID card. The declaration of consent should be signed at a diplomatic mission, in front of a notary or at a Hungarian passport authority.


Minors over the age of 14 can also apply for e-SZIG themselves.


Applicable from 2nd of August 2021:

For minors under 6 years

The identity card of minors under the age of 6 does not contain any fingerprints, therefore the presence of the child is not necessary. The consulate has no way to make a passport photo of children. Because of this we need a color passport photo (3,5x4,5 cm, in front of a white background, ICAO standard) made by a photographer. We can not accept homemade pictures.



Rejection of the request:

The application will be refused if the applicant is not entitled to an identity card or an exchange of an identity card.

The applicant can apply for the exchange of the new identity card (e-SZIG) in the following cases:

  • data change,
  • in the case of a manufacturing defect,
  • if the chip contains incorrect data,
  • within 60 days before the expiration date,
  • if the chip doesn’t work.